Customer Reviews


"We already received the umbrellas and its so nice.Thanks you Ms Vivian  Will order again! "  

                                                                                           ---  Jovy , Dubai   Nov11th,2021

"The dome tents are nice quality .good job"  
                                                                                   ---  Daniel , South Africa   Oct 8th,2020

"Danny really made this an easy order for a first time buyer! He helped with mockups for the design and then shipped off samples to me very efficiently. When I placed my order, he was very accurate with the delivery time and I am very happy with the result and outstanding service"

                                      ---  Dean You Lee , Australia   June 21th,2019


"Excellent product, great service, would highly recommend this company as a supplier!!"

                                                                                            ---Stacy Amankwah , United Kingdom  Feb 11th,2019


"Amazingly good quality. Have not been able to test out in the rainy and windy weather yet though:)"

                                                                  --- Anita Johansson , Sweden  April 9th,2019

"Danny has been very helpful, prompt and great quality with the product. will recommend to other future customers."


                                                          ---   Linda Davies,Australia  Oct 18th,2018


"Meets specification!"

                                       ---    Bukola Ogunsola  , Nigeria   
Sep 28th,2018


 "The tent after few months still looks so pro! I’m VERY satisfied with this product, also communication with Danny is very good. I’m sure I will order more."

                                    ---   Krystian Rohda,Poland,
March 18th,2018


 "Nice product and service."

    --- Henrik Roennest, Denmark,May 12th,2017


 "Thanks a lot Mr Efficient.'  --- Mary Abunaw , Cameroon ,Jan 6th,2017